We've broken down the slips, trips and falls classroom course.
And brought it to the online world, which is faster, cheaper and easier.

You get the same qualification without the expense of leaving work or getting all of your employees into a classroom.
This means we have driven the price down to make it cheaper for all businesses that require this training course.
And it means you can get more qualifications without any hassle.

Prepare Yourself for Some Online Learning

Most classroom courses are flawed as you need to get all of your employees in the same place at the same time. Our online training courses let employees learn remotely and in their own time. This speeds up the process, reduces costs and makes it easier to rollout across the company. We have all kinds of courses available, from Excel to web design, to IOSH, COSHH, slips trip and falls, and Legionella awareness and many more.

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area of the business

Identify an area of the business in need of training.

Full training

Full training is made available to this sample of staff for one week. Throughout this week, you have live access to management reports including time spent, scores achieved and modules completed, and are fully supported by one of our account managers.

all data available

At the end of the trial we will make all data available to you along with further training recommendations.

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