We've taken out the danger and put it online, in theory
so you can train for asbestos awareness course in comfort.

The course can be taken at home or anywhere with an Internet connection.
Our syllabus is perfectly designed to give you the tools you need to go into any job with asbestos around.
You receive a fully-compliant and legal online training course certificate for asbestos awareness.

Learn More to Earn More for Asbestos Related Jobs

It may be a requirement for the role, or you just want to increase your learning and earning potential by taking an online asbestos awareness training course. Whatever the reason, it's cost effective, it's easy and simple to complete with a fully-accredited certificate afterwards.

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area of the business

Identify an area of the business in need of Asbestos awareness.

Full training

Full training is made available to this sample of staff for one week. Throughout this week, you have live access to management reports including time spent, scores achieved and modules completed, and are fully supported by one of our account managers.

all data available

At the end of the trial we will make all data available to you along with further training recommendations.

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