We've tailed the COSHH Advanced Awareness training course.
So you can learn and earn more, from having extra qualifications.

Direct-Courses.com brings you the best courses and turned them into online programs, saving you classroom time.
Without any difference to the qualification or certification that you need for COSHH Advanced Awareness courses.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Your boss might need you to take the COSHH Advanced awareness training course, but you want to take the online version as it's quicker, easier and you can do it at your own pace. We have saved businesses 1000s of hours of classroom time, and got employees up to speed quicker.

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area of the business

Look for an area of the business in need of COSHH Advanced Awareness training.

Full training

All training is full training. Just because it's online doesn't make it any different, it's just more accessible for 1000s of more people in the world.

all data available

At the end of the trial we will make all data available to you along with further training recommendations.

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