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Excel with Business only teaches the features of Excel that are especially useful.
We reviewed Excel's 500 functions, ruthlessly stripping out any non-essentials, to arrive at our highly refined syllabus.
Our diagnostic tool then focusses your time on those parts of that syllabus that will be most valuable to you.

Be prepared for the new version of Microsoft Excel

Excel 2013 contains some very important new features that will help you create better and more reliable spreadsheets. In our preview PDF we introduce these features as well as covering the many other changes and enhancement, in order to help you decide whether, or when, you need to upgrade and how to make the best use of the new version.

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Identify an area of the business in need of Excel training.

Full training

Full training is made available to this sample of staff for one week. Throughout this week, you have live access to management reports including time spent, scores achieved and modules completed, and are fully supported by one of our account managers.

all data available

At the end of the trial we will make all data available to you along with further training recommendations.

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